Furra WIESHEU - Kosove

MINIMAT – The high-performance convection in-store baking oven with a minimal space requirement Although it is the “baby” in the WIESHEU World, it still impresses with its efficiency. Minimat sets benchmarks where maximum performance from minimum space is the issue, namely for petrol stations, bistros, coffee Shops and bakeries, it is an ideal partner with its three sizes and two tray dimensions for winning new customers with a fresh supply of bakery products directly out of the in-store baking oven. The sizes S and M have 3 trays and the size L has 5. Minimat is fl exible. Its optional water tank means it can be operated independently of water connections. In the 230 V variants Minimat 43 S and Minimat 64 M are independent of any high power current. Minimat is maxi-tech. Its insulation is very effective in reducing radiated heat. Thanks to ist double glazing and heat reflection coating, the energy remains in the oven where it belongs. Bakery products receive the optimum steam volume with its piped steam injection supplied as standard.