Furra WIESHEU - Kosove

Euromat – The classic convection in-store baking oven with a wide range of options Euromat is the classic convection baking oven with sideways slide-in. It combines modern technology with a clean and sophisticated design which meets every possible requirement. Perfect baking results are guaranteed. Euromat saves time. With its hygienic baking chamber the oven is easy to clean. Added convenience and time saving the ProClean self-cleaning system cleans the baking chamber hygienically at the push of a button. The next step is the fully automatic cleaning system ProClean365, the cleaner box that provides the cleaning agent is attached to the back of the oven and refilled once a year during maintenance. This results in a clean oven – all year round. The door glazing can also be opened which makes it easy to clean the panes. Euromat thinks proactively and saves energy, since the IS 600 E control unit makes it easy to program with a wide range of baking programs. Well-thought-out details such as LED lighting and optional Intelligent Baking Control (IBC) promote high levels of energy efficiency. Thermodyn glazing also ensures a moderate surface temperature on the pane and a low level of energy consumption. Euromat comes fitted as standard with piped steam injection and passive cascade steaming is available as an option.