Dibas blue

Dibas blue – The innovative convection in-store baking oven with the door that slides sideways into the housing The Dibas is the flagship in our system of baking ovens. It is the result of over 40 years of experience and innovation. It sets completely new standards for baked products – in their handling and in its design, energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ability to operate in combination with other WIESHEU instore Baking ovens. Standards which are so high that, even 10 years from now, the Dibas will still be one of the best, most efficient and most modern instore Baking ovens in the world. Dibas 64 blue saves valuable space with the door sliding sideways into the housing. The door system also increases operating safety and saves energy through the small door opening and the lengthways slide-in of the baking trays. In addition, you can automate the loading process with TrayMotion and improve quality at the same time. Dibas 64 blue thinks proactively and saves energy. Intelligent Baking Control (IBC), the automatic load detection, ensures a consistent baking result. Further savings in energy and consumables are also achieved through the use of LED lighting. Dibas 64 blue is easier and safer to use, due to its fully-automatic door opening at the push of a button, The safety lock of the manual door and handle also ensures safe use in the customer area. The control unit and the seamless hygienic baking chamber ensure its ease of use. The powerful cleaning system, ProClean, makes it particularly easy to clean. The next step is our fully automatic cleaning system ProClean365, the cleaner box that supplies the detergent is refilled each year during maintenance. Dibas comes fitted as standard with piped steam injection and passive or active cascade is available as an option. As a variable system, you can combine the Dibas with all WIESHEU Dibas hot air convection ovens and with all WIESHEU Ebo deck oven models to exactly meet your own needs.